GRAPHIC DESIGN I earned a BFA in graphic design from Pratt Institute (2018). Most of the work on this page was done in my graphic design classes and for freelance clients. I have expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Crazy Juice was created for Graphic Design course. The assignment was to create design for something controversial or unusual. I decided to create a Psychedelic drug infused Juice drink called Crazy Juice.

Process and sketches for above packaging design

This piece was made for Advertising course. L'Absinthe is a fictional perfume named after Degas' painting of the same name. My hand done typography was designed to match the elegance and luxury of the product


I did these logos for a local bicycle manufacturer in Brooklyn in my freshmen year. Unfortunately none were used

Logo assignment for Typography I


KSDS 36th Celebration

This a logo designed for Krieger Schechter Day School's 36th anniversary celebration.